Film, Video, Photos, Slides – Salvage & Recovery

Recover and rediscover your family history (your children’s children will thank you for it).

Salvage & save your video tapes and film reels, before its to late” and preserve those memories now for the future generations.

We capture, scan and transfer your film reels, videotapes, images or slide memories to HARD DRIVE, USB or the CLOUD! ready to share all over again.

Additional services available include animated emotional and event slideshows, all using your images and with moving backgrounds. We will edit your original films, videos, photographs & slides for family tributes, family legacies, for birthdays, anniversaries or time capsules and add your favorite music for you to share the excitement of beautiful memories all over again.

  • VIDEO TAPE to HARD DRIVE or your USB – $1.50 per finished minute of the total length captured and encoded to H264 mpeg 4.
  • FILM REELS to hard drive or your USB – Small Reels $70.00 – Large Reels $120.00 +GST
  • Our services include:
  • The capture of 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm films, colour correction and encoding to HD 1440 x 1080 H264 (mpeg4)
  • Use of professional capture and colour correction editing tools.
  • Add or include music or a voiceover / speech (at an additional cost)
  • Quick turnaround time and return courier across town or other cities.
  • All video tapes are measured for length and encoded to H264 (mpeg4)

What are you waiting for? Salvage and preserve those special memories before it’s too late! Call our studio at 09 445 0387 or mobile 029 528 0763 or e-mail to book in your memories or for any further information.

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