Salvage, Recovery & Retouching

Photo 4-AVI Sample B4 Photo 4-AVI Sample After Photo 3-AVI Sample B4 Photo 3-AVI Sample After Photo 1-AVI Sample B4 Photo 1-AVI Sample AfterPhoto 2-AVI Sample B4Photo 2-AVI Sample After

Do you have cherished photographs needing repair, we can salvage and restore them to there former glory, we are Photoshop gurus. The images on the left are the originals and on the right are the salvaged and repaired versions.

Often we can even do better than the original. We assess the image for color balance, contrast, density, composition, orientation and remove any damage and tears, dust, and digital noise and create and return to you, quality images “the people in them would never dream possible” for web, the cloud, books, posters and public events such as presentations and memorial services.

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